August 9, 2007


Dear Appa,
It’s your birthday! Many Happy Returns of the Day!
You know there are not many persons in this world whom I admire just as I admire you. I know you never bother to remember your own birthday. You hardly bother whether we greet you on that day or not. I wonder why I can’t be like you. I wish to be with you toady. But this distance hardly allows me.

Sitting alone at home today has made me think all that you have done to us. I know all the sacrifices you have done to keep us happy. It’s so painful to remember those past days of difficulty when you struggled hard to earn a living for all of us. Though we didn’t have much money to share, we had lots of affection to share. Still you never uttered a single word about your problems before us but, somehow we seemed to understand you. We silently understood the hardships that you and Amma had to undergo. But unfortunately, at that time we were not matured enough to provide you any type of assurance. Now we say, “We are with you”.

The world says you are a self made man. Yes, it’s true. We have seen you turning the soli of that barren land into gold. We, only we can understand the effort beyond it. You have spent your valuable youth and energy in that process of transformation. I know you can never get back that youth and energy spent, but your achievement is before your eyes! Very few people can achieve what you have achieved. We are really proud of you. And so are all others.

We know you as a principled and idealistic person. I feel proud when one of your friends always calls you ‘Gandhiji’. You have inculcated Gandhian principles in us right from our childhood. You have made us so principled that, we can leave our work for principles without compromising. You have also taught us be self reliant. We had seen you making us to do our work on our own without anyone’s assistance. No doubt that we used to be upset with you at that time. But now we realise that, it was your way of teaching us to minimise our dependency on others. Thank you so much for that. Your capacity to help others is amazing! Most of the people who have taken help from you have deceived you. But you have not changed your way. Hats off! You are the only man I have seen who supports his wife to be successful in life. I have seen you supporting Amma so much to make her outgoing. I have never seen the typical male ego in you.

Today you have crossed 58 and stepped into 59th year of your life. This is the age of retirement right? You need to take some rest to regain your vitality. I know bee keeping is one of your favourite hobbies. Raghu and I used to go with you into many deep forests to locate the bee hives. Sometimes I think you are inspired by the working of bees… because most of the times I see you working…working…and working. But see father, every busy bee needs some rest. You have done so much to us. Now it’s our turn to do something in return. Let you and your principles guide us and we come to you with some achievement. I pray for your health and peace of mind. I can somehow thank you for always being there for me… but how can thank you for all your sacrifices made to keep me happy? Will I be ever able to do that? And finally, 'My Daddy Strongest!'

With lots of love,
Yours affectionately,

Note: This was posted on 31st August, on his birthday; but reposted today due to deletion of all older posts.


mangala said...

hi seemakka
u wrote every genuine words it touches my heart ...

Seema said...

Thanks for your words. And thanks for going through.

prasi said...
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prasi said...

HI seema ,

Its really very very good. I have send this link to all my frnds to go thru.

-Prasanna keragodu

Seema said...

Hi Prasanna,
Thanks a lot for your comment.
Thanks for liking it :)

Nandisha said...

Fantastic Seema.

Nandisha Mallegowda

Nandisha said...

This story reminds me to remember my father's sacrifices on my footpath. He's in the native place and don't bother about the world crisis and celebration of anniversary, birthday, etc..

It's really touches the heart. Good compose and good luck.

Nandisha Mallegowda Hebbakavadi.

Seema Hegde said...

@ Nandisha,

Thanks a lot for liking the post!
During these years when simplicity no longer exists, we are really lucky to have fathers like them. Aren't we?
Thanks for coming :-)

Meethi Imli said...

Hi Seema,
I just read this blog and its very much close to my Dad's story.. so it touched me as well.. even i carry the same impression towards my father as you do.. really hats off to all their hard work and efforts which broght us so far in our life...
Poornima :)

Seema Hegde said...

Hi Poornima,
Thanks a lot :)
I guess most of the people of our age have similar opinion towards their fathers. That is why I think this post is liked by many.